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Re: Hard Drive Mirroring


* vinz <vince@webonline.co.za> [2003-Aug-07 11:25 AKDT]:
> Hi.... I would like to mirror a hard drive and have no idea where else to
> get information from.

'dd' will mirror everything from one drive to another (dd if=/dev/hda 
of=/dev/hdb), including partition tables, master boot record (MBR), and 
all the blank space on the disk.  It can take a long time if it's a big 

'partimage' will allow you to copy just the data from the partitions on 
the drive.  The partimage-doc package has documentation on how to copy 
the MBR and partition tables.

'rsync' is a great way to keep the files on two filesystems consistent 
without copying everything each time.  It looks at the differences 
between two directories and copies just what's different.  Great 

Depending on what you want, you may wish to consider RAID.  There is a 

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