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Re: Challenge-response mail filters considered harmful

What we NEED are "advertising servers" that check the legality and 
trustworthiness of any advertising they offer.

THEN you can put that server on your passlist. You'd register a password
with that server, which could be changed at will. All the "spam" they sent
you would include that password in a special header: X-CR: would work just

If you started receiving spam with the password that you gave a particular 
adserver, then you would drop it from your passlist. They would then start
receiving your CRs and either correct the problem or go under.

The "adservers" would be financed by small fees charged to any business or
that they carried.


      For Linux/Bash users: Eliminate spam with the Mailbox-Sentry-Program. 
         See: http://tinyurl.com/inpd  for the scripts and docs.

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