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Re: how to connect to the Internet via Gnome?


* Riccardo <mmrro@gmx.de> [030807 11:09]:
> Hi :)
> I tried the whole day but it does not work..

You need to configure your modem and ppp. If you have not already,
install the pppconfig package:

apt-get install pppconfig

I don't know the specifics of this package, since I don't use modems.
Have a look in /use/share/doc/pppconfig/ for instructions.

Assuming you manage to configure it properly you can then use the
"pon" and "poff" to connect and disconnect.

> So how do I install my external 56K modem in Gnome?

Setting all this up has _nothing_ to do with gnome, however once you
do have it set up you may be able to run pon/poff with some gnome
applet or such. To find if such a thing exists do:

apt-cache search ppp gnome



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