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vnc not starting correct session

I'm playing around with vnc on a couple of testing boxes.

I run gdm on the boxes, and my normal user id starts up Gnome. Yet when I
run vncserver on one of these machines, and use vncviewer to access the
other, I get a initial KDE session setup screen. Logical since I've never
set up KDE on these machines. But how can I get the vnc session to a a
gnome session?

I did see the message about it using /etc/x11/Xsession for it's session, so
I guess that must mean that somehow the system wide default on these
machines is KDE, does that make sense? If so, how do I change it to Gnome.
Also what controls a particular individuals session?

And finally, wouldn't it be better if the vncserver package used whatever
the user running it's default session was?

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