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Re: Passing args to in-kernel drivers?

* Christopher Swingley <cswingle@iarc.uaf.edu> [2003-Aug-06 10:39 AKDT]:
> If the pwc driver is built directly into the kernel, how does one pass 
> these options to the driver via an append="" in /etc/lilo.conf?

It's probably rude to reply to one's own message, but here goes anyway:  
one way to do this (I discovered) is to hack the source code for the 
driver in question and manually set the defaults to the options you 
want!  For the pwc driver I mentioned earlier, just modify 
drivers/usb/media/pwc-if.c. . .

I would still like to know the "right" way to do it, though, if anyone 
has any suggestions.

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