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Re: Challenge-response mail filters considered harmful

Paul Johnson wrote:
On Tue, Aug 05, 2003 at 08:23:29PM -0500, Michael D. Schleif wrote:

So, basically, *ALL* mail from those domains will pass -- UN-challenged
-- by your C-R system?  And, _none_ of those emails can possibly contain

Yeah.  He's in for a wakeup call the first time someone he corresponds
with becomes the victim of a spammer forging headers.  It's happened
to me a couple times last week.  Though I do really like being able to
go back through and tell all the people hatemailing me for spamming
that the only way to tell if a mail really came from me is to check
the PGP signature.

Um, speaking of which...

Where do I get the public key (8B362A2F) to verify the above-quoted message? You seem to be using a new key. Are you testing us?


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