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Re: Re : Order ide drivers are loaded?

On Tue, 05 Aug 2003 03:22:48 +0200
Siward <siward.via@freeler.nl> wrote:

>  Hi Joan,
>  you wrote :
> > ... linux won't boot any more
> >  because for example /dev/hde has been moved to /dev/hdf
>  perhaps try an argument to kernel , like 'root=/dev/hdf' , 
>    in your lilo.config or on commandline when booting ?
>  hope this helps,
>  Siward

Not long ago I had a similar situation, and here are the work notes (which were posted in the mailing list somewhere):

Changing woody from hdb to hda howto.
Final Version (with Grub)

 1. Boot with the installation CD (any should work, I used #1).
 2. Press F3 for information about possibilities (may be skipped?)
 3. type rescue root=/dev/hda1
 4. type in password for root, remount to write as indicated.
 5. Change /etc/fstab to reflect hda instead of hdb.
 6. Run grub-install /dev/hda
 7. Run update-grub.
 8. Edit /boot/grub/menu.1st as needed.
 9. Reboot.
 10. Enjoy.
 11. Contribute to the community.

If you use lilo instead of grub, make the following substitutions:

5. Edit /etc/lilo.conf to indicate the change.
6. Run lilo to update your system.

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