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Re: nameservers and resolv.conf(s): switching from charter cable to tds dsl

Actually, it was quite simple once I put two and two together.
There is a /etc/dhcpc/config file, and it has lines to uncomment if you want to
allow your nameservers, domainname, hostname, and other names set according to
your isp's names. My nameservers are now changed.
Only don't let it change your hostname 9machine name)! It gave me this long
name/number specification so I commented that and got my own machine name back!
And yes, Howell, thee are dsl modems and systems that allow you to not use
pppoe, just a dhcp client. Mine uses an ethernet crossover cable and of course
the phone jack connection.
thanks for the help even if I did finally figure it out myself.


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