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Re : Does sub network assert limits on the remaining address space?

 Hi Shaul Karl,

 it's a long time ago that i read network things to get my modem working,
 what i understand about it, i write to you
 i am nowhere near an expert on this

 i think that hosts on other networks can get netmask of this network
 number of zeros at end of netmask tells them how big network is,
 they assume each network has a network address (ending in all zeros)
   and a broadcast address (ending in all ones)
 i dont know how hosts on other network get at this netmask,
   (read libc docs to see if they have a syscall for that)
   i just checked these : you can get 'network part' of an address,
   which tells you size of network, so hosts on other networks can indeed 
     find out netmask.

>  My question is how does the 2 smaller networks know that
> and 192 were initially a broadcast and network addresses? 
  they look at netmask, and if that is all they know about that network,
  then they  assume that it has network- and broadcast-adresses

> Would they treat any one of 192.168.*.19[12] in the same way?
 only if its netmask was same

> Is this a software (kernel?) issue
>   or does it inherent to the Ethernetprotocol?
 neither, this is part of Internet Protocol i think, and IPv6 is yet different

 i hope i didnt mislead you more than i helped you,


 you realize that
 external modems are cheaper than winmodems
 when you take into account that
 second hand value of a linux-capable modem is much higher


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