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Re: KDE startsound played by xmms after security update of kdebase-libs

Holger Marzen wrote:

> Hi all,


> Even stranger: xmms is not started directly but from a shell script
> /usr/local/bin/wavplay.sh that I wrote some time ago. Only Mozilla
> knows that it should use that script for wav-files.
> I looked in the control center, but I could not find any place where
> wavplay.sh was entered.
> Any ideas why KDE uses my script to play the KDE start sound?


unfortunately I have no idea where your problem might come from, but
that wavplay.sh script sounds interesting: What does it look like and
what Mozilla preference has to be activated in order to use that
script? It would be nice if my Mozilla could indeed play custom .wav
files e. g. as a notification for new mail, so would you mind posting
that script here or sending it to me?


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