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Re: Challenge-response mail filters considered harmful

At 2003-08-04T20:18:18Z, Alan Connor writes:

> 1) Neither I nor anyone I know cares if you are who you say you are or
> not.

Neither I nor anyone I know have cats.  There must be no demand for them.

>    ( In fact, someone could forge your PGP sig because most people don't
>    have the software, and do you MORE harm that way. How would you prove
>    which of two nearly simultaneous posts with the EXACT same PGP sig on
>    them was the real one. )

The original would pass verification.  The forged copy would not.  Any other

> 2) They are a an extreme violation of netiquette


> 3) They are a waste of bandwidth on several levels

I bet that extra 100 bytes or so really clogs the backbone.

> 4) They make posts hard to read and ugly.

Upgrade your mail client.
Kirk Strauser

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