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Re: downgrading from testing to woody

I wont swear on stack of bibles to this, but what you want seems not really possible without a reinstall. It seems to me you have already upgraded to versions of packages in testing. So to go backwards would mean to revert all your packages to older versions. However i think apt and its various family members only look for newer ones. Now you may be able to backport all of the effected packages, but that would be essentially your entire system (if testing is anything like unstable). Your best bet is either to reinstall or fix the existing problems.


Nyc0n wrote:

I normally run testing on both my machines, but I have been having some issues and wanted to try to go back down to stable or woody, when I upgraded to testing it took about 45 mins to download and install all the packages, via apt-get dist-upgrade, I changed my sources.list file back to woody and did an apt-get clean and when I did the dist-upgrade again it took literally 3 seconds and didn’t download anything and said it had completed, I know there is no way that it could be done that quick, so im sure im not running stable, is there a way to tell? Do I have to reinstall to get back to stable? What do I need to do?


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