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Maildir -- purging old messages

I have a spam folder.  I check it once in a while for false positives 
(rarely found).

I'd like to run a cron job that would clean out messages older than a 
15 days.

Any harm in doing something like:

   rm `find ~/Maildir/.spam -type f -mtime 15`

or maybe better to pipe find to xargs

   find ~/Maildir/.spam -type f -mtime 15 -print0 | xargs -null rm -f

Each folder has three subdirectories: cur, new, and tmp. Plus there's a 
courierimapuiddb file.  Messages look like this in "new":


and like this in "cur":


If the above find removes the courierimapuiddb will that cause any 

I'm not quite sure I understand when messages are moved from "new" to 

Bill Moseley

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