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Re: operating system

"stan & nin" <ninster@kinzua.net> writes:

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> I have a question for you my system comes up with operating system
> not found i have tried different things but nothing works HP doesnt
> give recovery disc no more so i cant go that way either i cant find
> a way to make a boot disc to get it going and i have not figured out
> how to f disc yet any ideas??

That probably implies that either you don't have a master boot record,
or you're using the DOS MBR and don't have any partitions marked
active in the partition table.  If you don't have any other boot media
(I find having a GRUB floppy around incredibly useful), you can boot
of the Debian install CD, and type something like "rescue
root=/dev/hda1" at its boot prompt.

If your problem is lack of an active partition, you can fix this with
fdisk.  If the problem is lack of an MBR, installing either LILO or
GRUB, or the MBR out of the 'mbr' package, to the disk proper
(probably /dev/hda for IDE) will do the trick; as a side benefit, none
of these really care about partitions' "active" flag (the 'mbr'
package very slightly more than the other two).

You should be able to easily find instructions for creating a boot
disk from the Linux Documentation Project (http://www.tldp.org/).

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