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Re: Moving /home to its own partition.

> mkdir /b2
> mount -t ext2 /dev/hdb2 /b2
> #  Drop to single user; kills any pesky daemons writing stuff in background.
> telinit 1
> #  Anything here we don't understand?  If not, proceed.
> cd /home  &&  ls -la
> #  Copy everything whose name does not start with a dot.
> cp -a * /b2  &&  sync

I was questioning the thing about not getting the dot files, but now I
realize that this means not the dot files in /home.  It would get the dot
files in /home/<username> though.  You would get the config files for the
users. A little slow this morning.

Question:  What is the 'sync' for?  I haven't done this before and am
wondering what I've been missing.


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