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OT: c++ reference documentations


I've just picked up a c++ book and started to learn (I only have experience in 
perl). I was wondering if there are info/man pages (or any other electronic 
documentation) that I can use as a reference (at least for the standard 
library). if I want for example to find the syntax of "string.rfind..." I 
have to go back to the book. I've tried the libstdc++ html docs, but I 
coudn't find a syntax reference there, also I couldn't find a complete set of 
man/info pages to show that (there are some man pages but not to all 

am I missing something?

Haim Ashkenazi

NS Systems

"Unix IS user friendly... It's just selective about who its friends are." -
	Tollef Fog Heen (Debian mailing list).

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