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Re: Problem with PCI-IRQ routing

On Sun, Aug 03, 2003 at 11:55:31PM +0200, Armin Spitznas wrote:
> Hello debian users!
> Last week I got a new Computer and I fear it is too new or too rare.
> The biggest problem at the moment is the IRQ routing of the PCI bus.
> There goes something wrong, so that the Soundcard (0:02.7) and the
> PCMCIA Cardbus bridge (0:0c.0) cannot be routed to a PIRQ. (please have
> a look to the scanpci)

It looks like your kernel does not have support for your chipset. What
chipset is it? Failing that, what motherboard?

> The last nights I tried booting with pci=biospci and manny other
> "pci="-options without any positiv effect.
> I'm using the 2.4.21-Kernel without local APIC, because then the
> computer would lock quiet after decompressing the kernel.

I had this particular problem; the solution was to enable local APIC
support in the kernel but turn the APIC off in the BIOS setup. The
kernel now gets past the point where it locked up, happily re-enables
the APIC and runs just fine.


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