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Re: Look at these update from M$ Corporation.

Alan Connor(alanconnor@earthlink.net) is reported to have said:
> Depends on what you call "false positives."  I don't accept anonymous email.
> Period.
> If anyone wants me to read their mail, then they are going to have to prove
> to me that the address they are using is their actual machine. (Or *I* have
> established this in advance.)
> Given  the current obsession  with matters of security, and the fact that it
> IS, as you state above, so easy to falsify *some* headers, I think that anyone
> who objects to taking a moment to offer some reasonable level of proof of their
> identity is pretty silly.
> The same people who will log in over and over again to a website, sometimes
> several times a day, for years on end, are freaking out over having to resend 
> 1 email, one time, to establish a communications link with  someone.
> Many of them won't accept a phone call if the caller has blocked their
> number.......
> The fact is, I believe, that most of them have commercial dreams and want 
> people to block everyone's spam but THEIRS.
> And/or, they want to just fire off messages, often abusive, to anyone they
> feel like, invading and violating that person's privacy.
> Many, obviously, actually like spam, and want to receive SOME of it, but
> not the rest. Experience has shown that this is impossible.
> So they don't like C-R systems because they WORK, not because they don't.
> I downloaded my mail an hour ago, and 14 messages went to /dev/null. I didn't
> bother to check the logs, but if I did, I would find that about half had
> headers so malformed that no auto-response was sent. The balance received
> a reply IF they used their real email address.
> Those that did use their real address and decide that talking to me is not
> worth re-sending 1 mail, won't do it, and that's fine. I don't want people like
> that to have access to my mail box. 
> Or, they were using a false address and didn't receive the reply...
> A well-designed C-R program, like mine, works PERFECTLY. No commercials and
> no riff-raff have access to my mailbox, which is how I want it.
  Sorry to hear that.  I must be riff-raff then as I sent you a msg about
  the msp program not allowing me to enter PASS addresses.  I answered
  your bot and replied with the same mail, including your PASSWD on
  the Subject line.  I never got an answer.  So I guess "A
  well-designed C-R program,like mine, works PERFECTLY." is in the
  mind of the beholder.  Anyway, it was fun while it lasted.  Of
  course you wouldn't know that I sent you a message as your system
  S...cans it.  I'll keep using SA and mailfilter.  At least they tell
  me if I screwed up a rule, so I can fix it.  

    Now lets see, how to I killfile this rant

To err is human, but to really foul things up requires a computer.

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