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Re: installing debian though compiling most everything.....

On Fri, Aug 01, 2003 at 02:16:22AM -0500, tripolar wrote:
> I recently tinkered with another GNU/Linux distro Gentoo. I was 
> impressed with several features- especially having everything run super 
> fast compared to other distros.

  I am curious about the hardware that Gentoo ran faster and the way the
slower distros were made.

> I am sure there is a simple answer to this though I must ask to get it :-)
> I would like to go back to debian though start with a very small base 
> then any other programs I install- compile them from source to get a 
> more stripped and fast OS.
> I seem to remember some line in sources.list relateding to source.
> Any suggestions what to start with?

  One should probably begin with the packages listed as 
  In case the discussion here will be short I would try to raise it on 
debian-devel. I also believe that one should define the frame work
first. In order to make this discussion targets a large audience and
also probably to make things simpler I would assume that the frame work
is that there is no option to cross compile. There fore, a minimal
binary Debian system to begin with is unavoidable.

> Also, Do most of you consider Debian better than Gentoo? Why?

  Never tried Gentoo. 

    Shaul Karl,    shaul @ actcom . net .il

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