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Re: Is there a *console* screen capture

> From hastings@bmail.kek.jp Fri Aug  1 01:30:57 2003
> * Alan Connor <alanconnor@earthlink.net> [030801 14:17]:
> > 
> > Please don't clutter your posts with pgp signatures. 
> Clutter? Says he with the five line signature!

Yes. You are partly right and I have corrected my sig. Thank you.

But you are also partly wrong, because my sig at least conveys
potentially useful information.

> > Most of us don't have the software to interpret them
> Speak for yourself.

Well, very few people use pgp signatures on the list.....

Some may HAVE the software, but have the good taste not to use it
when there is no point.

> > and I, for one, don't give a rip if you are who you say
> > you are or not. We are exchanging info about DEbian/Linux,
> I guess you mean "Debian GNU/Linux".

I guess I meant what I said.  It is Debian/Linux as well as the other.

To be truly accurate, one would say:  Debian/GNU/BSD/Linux

No BSD, no Linux.

> > NOT  Swiss bank account numbers....
> Yawn.

Ditto in spades....

> Nick.


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