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Re: packages removed by Release Manager just reveal older versions

> Keeping the /etc/apt/sources.list in a reasonable state is something
> that Debian can't help the admin with.

[Rural modem users have lots of CDs.]

Ron> Why not use "-t"?  I have a "mostly sarge" system with some sid.
Ron> The "-t" makes it very easy to do this:
Ron> # apt-get -t testing upgrade
Ron> # apt-get -t unstable install evolution mozilla-browser mozilla-psm

when I do apt-get dist-upgrade or upgrade, I always see the same
results, "-t testing" or not.  Perhaps because all I have is sid stuff
in /etc/apt/sources.list. Perhaps a bug.

> If you use aptitude to install everything, it will keep
> track of what packages are pulled in by dependencies alone, and
> remove those packages when they are no longer needed.

But I cannot promise aptitude fidelity till death do us part.  Last
time it caught me flirting with some less significant tool and
scrambled my records in revenge.  I guess I'm not one for commitments.

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