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Re: apt-get dist-upgrade, now gnome session fails to login

Marc Shapiro wrote:

Marc Shapiro wrote:

Can anyone tell me how I can get back to any version of a working gnome session? Gnome1.4 worked fine for me and I would not object to going back to it if someone can tell me just what needs to be downgraded, uninstalled, etc. I just want a working system.

On my system some of the above files matched the version numbers given. For the others, I downgraded to 'stable'. I have also downgraded a few others, such as gdm, to 'stable'. I still get the same error message. Do I need to wipe my entire system and re-install from the CD-ROM? That sounds too much like MicroSquish to me.


Try creating a new user and logging into X as that user. If that works than the problem isn't with the software per se, but some stray .file in your home directory[which you just need to pinpoint and delete].

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