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Tom Allison wrote:

If I install openLDAP, what tools do I use to configure the various databases?

If you're converting accounts from an existing machine, you'll probably want to check out the migration tools from padl.com. For administration, it's pretty essential to understand the command line utilities (slapadd, ldapadd, ldapmodify, ldapsearch, etc...). I also like the Java LDAP browser, though there are several other tools that come highly recommended as well (GQ comes to mind). In addition, if you're going to be doing any bulk operations, it's quite helpful to be facile with a scripting language (at least comfortable enough to do simple text parsing to read and write .ldif files).

I'm interested in NSS/PAM (passwd, group, hosts...)

The primary source of information is man pages and configuration files (cat /etc/pam.d/ssh; man pam; cat /etc/ldap/slapd.conf; man slapd; ....) I'm a big fan of mailing lists, so you might want to check the archives of the debian-ldap list at snowman.net and the openldap-software list at openldap.org. There are tons of books out there that will give you an overview on ldap -- pick one if you're a book person.

and also an LDAP address book for Mozilla.

I personally haven't done this, so can't help with suggestions, but maybe someone else will chime in.

But I'm not even sure where to start RTFM-ing.

If it's any consolation I haven't found "the" manual myself yet either :-] -- but there are lots of good resources out there. Just thoroughly reading through whatever you can find on www.openldap.org and www.padl.com should give you a decent start.


good luck, and go ahead and ask more questions if you have them,

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