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Re: corrupted dpkg?

On Wed, Jul 23, 2003 at 12:56:12AM +0200, Alban Browaeys wrote:
> > I think i need to go 
> > into some file and either delete or modify the entry for mozilla but I'm 
> > not able to figure out which file it is.
> > 
> those files you are seeking are in /var/lib/dpkg
> backup this dir, then play with availables, updates/ should be empty ,
> though it may contains what miss from the crash

(Sorry for the late mail..don't know how i missed this message.)
The reply given by Joey in this message
<[🔎] 20030723212824.GB31197@dragon.kitenet.net> worked for me.

> Waiting for (good) conclusion (btw which fs do you have ? I m looking for
> bad experience with xfs :)

my root filesystem was ext2, but i cahnged it to ext3 after that
crash. (i had actually thought that it WAS ext3 but i was wrong.)


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