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On Sun, 2003-07-27 at 18:11, Debian User wrote:
> bios still sees both drives ... i think the hardware is still working. 
> i re-lilo-ed without success. I still have to boot from the floopy. 
You finally mention the reason for your OP (original post): your
computer had a power failure. I think that the backup drives is hosed
and that if your remove the drive and change the main drive to 'single' 
or 'single/master' mode you will see the problem fixed. That would be my
best guess.
> what is IIRC?
If I Recall Correctly

Other common email abreviations:
OTOH on the other hand
IMHO in my humble opinion
IANAL i am not a lawyer
LOL laugh out loud
> At 26 July 2003, Kevin Mark <kmark@pipeline.com> wrote:
Welcome to the wonder world of debian!

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