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Re: gnome-pilot sync problems

 Dominique> Hello,
 Dominique> It seems that gnome-pilot is not suddenly working properly in
 Dominique> SID : it goes into what seems to me an infinite loop after sync a
 Dominique> few addresses.

 Dominique> Calendar and Tasks are still syncing correctly, only addresses
 Dominique> are not.

 Dominique> Has anybody experienced the same issue?

 Dominique> Any hints/workaround? I've looked into B.D.O but did not find
 Dominique> anything related so far. Should I submit a bug report?

What happens (more precisely) is as follows:

- addresses start syncing, then hang (no special CPU activity,
just hanged)

- if I try to end the gpilotd process, it will then jump tp full
CPU-use (95% and up)

- I have to kill gpilotd

- only the first 3 addresses are visible in evolution

I am using SID.



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