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Re: [Fwd: nautilus keeps scanning mount points]

Hello Micha!

At Wednesday 23 July 2003 09:20 Micha Feigin wrote:

> I am running nautilus version 2.2.4 (from unstable) and autofs (ver
> 4) The problem is that Nautilus keeps probing the mount points which
> consequently keeps mounting the floppy and cdrom etc. This in turn
> occasionally pops up a browsing window (the popping up behavior
> comes and goes and I don't know what I do to trigger it).
> How can I stop this behavior, since its quite annoying?

I found this via google:
| There's a configuration to turn off automount in nautilus:
| Gnomefoot: Programs: Settings: Desktop or Peripherals: CD Properties
| Turn off "Automatically mount CD when inserted".

I couldn't verify it here but maybe it helps.


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