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Re: Linux Commands

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From: ajlewis2@intac.com
Newsgroups: linux.debian.user
Subject: Re: Linux commands
Reply-To: ajlewis2SPAMFREE@intac.com

In linux.debian.user, you wrote:
>> Alan, I think you posted this to the newsfeed only, so people on the
>> debian-user mailing list would never see it (at least it isn't showing
>> up in the archives).  I notice
>> User-Agent: slrn/ (Linux)
>> in your headers.  linux.debian.user is only a newsfeed from the list
>> and not a newsgroup on Usenet as such.  You need to use a mailer to
>> post to debian-user@lists.debian.org.
>> Tony
> Thanks Tony. I guess I'll just finally have to figure out how to get slrn to
> send  the post as an email......:-)  "The crafte  so long, the lyfe so short."

> (Chet Ramey's great sig. From Chaucer, I believe.)
> Alan

I'm doing just that.  I just hit 'r' for reply instead of 'f'.  That puts me
into my editor.  I change the address at the top from the poster's address
to debian-user@lists.debian.org.  Then I write and send.

end original article___________________________________________________________

Thanks much, Anita. I wrote a function in my .bashrc thats working pretty 
well, but will try that. (gotta run it through sed to prepend the >)

ldu () {

     echo "Enter Subject:" ;
     read NN ;
     mutt -F ~/.2muttrc debian-user@lists.debian.org -s "$NN" -i draft ;


Tried to pipe the articles, with |, to mutt but it hasn't  worked so far.


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