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Re: fetchmail: lock creation failed

    "spock" == spock  <spock@canopus22.demon.co.uk> writes:

    spock> generated an error (forgotten now). Sorry to be vague, but
    spock> this happened a few weeks ago. Since then, every time I try
    spock> and fetchmail, I get the message:

    spock>   fetchmail: lock creation failed.

    spock> So I'm assuming that some flag has been set so that
    spock> fetchmail thinks it is still open or something

In non-root mode fetchmail is supposed to use a lockfile named
~/.fetchmail.pid which I suggest you look for. If it is there, delete

You can start fetchmail in a daemon mode, i.e. you start it once and
have it poll your server constantly, which should keep your serial
line up. For example, to cause a poll every 60 seconds add the line
"set daemon 60" to your ~/.fetchmailrc file, Or use '-d 60' on the
command line.

I'm no fetchmail expert, so I hope I'm not misleading you. Most of
this information can be found in the fetchmail man page.


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