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Re: Managing Palm Addresses

On Thu, 2003-07-17 at 12:09, martin f krafft wrote:

> Well, I use WindowMaker, so yes, I am kind of allergic to KDE,
> especially since kaddressbook+kpilot (with the necessary 14
> dependencies) are an additional 52Mb of disk space. Wow.
That's why I really wasn't being facetious when I asked.  :)

> Anyhow, I am giving it a try...
> Mh, looks quite nice, and it seems to work, even though entering
> data into that GUI is a pain!
Understood and agreed.  My main issue is that I like Evolution better
than Kmail, and Address Manager better than Evolution.  I get to choose
between a really nice GUI email client and a really nice address book
(note that Address Manager also handles crypto keys, instant messenger
information, and geographical data?).

> Anyhow, have you found a way to associate some of the fields of
> kaddressbook (e.g. Birthday) with the Custom fields of the Palm?

Unfortunately, I haven't.  I have no idea where the extra information
that I've entered on the Palm goes to. 

Kirk Strauser

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