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Re: mozilla 1.x and java-vm

 --- Blazek Thomas <thomas.blazek@arcs.ac.at> escribió: 
> Hi,
> I´ve got a problem getting java-vm runable on my mozilla 1.4.1 with kde 3.1
> (X4.3.0). I´ve used the blackdown j2re1.4.1 kit for my gcc2.95. I installes
> it and make the symbolic link to the ./plugins (javaXXX.oji.so) directory at
> mozillas directory.
> But it doesn´t run, same problem i got with kde 2.5 and mozilla 1.3.1.
> my kernel: 2.4.18
> ./thomas

I originially had the same problem.  The reason is that since Mozilla is now
compiled with gcc 3.2, you need the JRE that has also been compiled with
gcc 3.2/


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