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swapfiles & memory


On every megabyte in swapspace, how much does it take the space in the 
memory (RAM)? Is the two times the amount of memory rule basically the 
maximum? Problem is, I keep getting "Out of socket memory" error, and 
usually the system crashes (I installed lkcd, though) in less than a week. 
I have 450 meg. swap on a 129 meg. system; could that be the cause of the 
socket memory error?

I think if there's really a limit on how much you can setup for your 
swapfile, it would be better to have it so; say, when the system is 
booting, the kernel calculates the allocated swapspace and provides some 
warnings about the situation. I use 2.4.20, and as I have gathered from the 
net, such socket memory errors are not supposed to happen.

Thanks in advance,

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