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Re: keystroke ctrl+s freezes terminal/console

On Tuesday 15 July 2003 17:08, Gary Hennigan wrote:
> > As Roger already asked: Is there a way to disable this Ctrl-S
> > shortcut?
> Ctrl+S/Ctrl+Q is actually the XON/XOFF protocol. If you've been
> around long enough you'll be familiar with that. It was used a lot
> for slow terminals and for slow modems. You can disable it in most
> terminal types using stty. For example:
>             stty -ixon
> will disable Ctrl+S. See "man stty" for more details on XON/XOFF.

OK, thanks. This supend is now turned off. Now, Ctrl-S wnats to start an 
incremental search like in emacs.

Gib GATES keine Chance!

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