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Re: OT: IDE/Bad Blocks: Call for mental assistance

On Sun, 13 Jul 2003, martin f krafft wrote:

> Folks,
> Over the past year, I have replaced something around 20 IDE
> Harddrives in 5 different computers running Debian because of drive
> faults. I know about IDE and that it's "consumer quality" and no
> more, but it can't be the case that the failure rate is that high.
> The drives are mostly made by IBM/Hitachi, and they run 24/7, as the
> machines in question are either routers, firewalls, or servers.

throw those ( deskstar?? ) drives away if it's made in hungry or thailand

> then ran
> `badblocks -svw` on the disk. And usually, I'd see a number of bad
> blocks, usually in excess of 100.

running badblocks does NOT prove that the disk is bad ...
	- i didn't look at the code, but if badblock bypasses the
	normal ide interface/system calls, than it's result is worthless
	if it writes directly to the disk interface
	( it should tell you the same list of badblocks the manufacturer
	( already coded into their disk controller's eproms

	- if badblock acts like anyother user app, than there should
	be zero badblocks

	- ibm and every disk manufacturer have their own "disk testor"
	to test their drives ( mostly windoze based )

c ya

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