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Re: How "unstable" is unstable?

Another approach, and the suggested one is to check www.apt-get.org for
a backport of the sid packages you require. You might also attempt to
backport a package yourself, though kde is quite non-trivial.


On Sat, Jul 12, 2003 at 10:50:26PM -0500, Brian McGroarty wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 06, 2003 at 09:07:42PM -0400, Neal Lippman wrote:
> > I'm wondering, from those running sid, just how "unstable" is it at the
> > present time?
> > 
> > The reason I am asking is that I would like to move on to KDE 3 and am
> > feeling behind the times, still using KDE 2.1 in woody. I've been
> > reluctant to track sid since I do need my workstation to be up and
> > working pretty well, so I'd be interested in hearing from some who are
> > using unstable regularly.
> A late reply --
> sid is pretty stable for most people. It helps a lot if you install
> apt-listbugs however. Here's a quickie I wrote up on that and what it
> does... note the bits in red:
> http://www.livejournal.com/community/debian/102656.html
> Also, if you go to exit dselect and it points out some packages with
> updated versions having unsatisfied dependencies, I find it's best to
> hold those to avoid marginal configurations.
> With a little care, sid hasn't left me with a non-working system in
> some years. A few times, I've been bitten by having to manually update
> some configuration information, but that's always been detailed in the
> change list. Adding apt-listchanges will help there, as well.
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