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Re: Question about kernel upgrade

Hi Jocahim,

Roberto Sanchez wrote:

--- Joachim Smit <joachim@fase3.be> escribió:
I have 2 controllers, 1 is on board and the other a PCI controller, not a
3com. I will try it again WITH support for 3com.

Kind regards,

Joachim Smit

What onboard controller (chipset) do you have?


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In addition, if you are using DHCP to connect to internet, you need to install two more modules, however i do not remember of the names, one may be called socket filter, and the other is packet xxx (xxx means i do not remember the name).

I have encounter your problem, as others said, you need to know what your lan cards are, and load the correct modules. I am using realtek 8139, what i run modconf and load the modules, the problem is gone.

Best Regards,
James Ng

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