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SOLVED !!!(Re: Palm Zire 71 & Debian)

 Okay, according to what I've found on Google (comp.sys.palmtops 
2003-05-26 23:44:38 PST), a 2.4.20 kernel does not automatically links 
visor and usbserial. [Stewart, which kernel do you use?]

 The steps for a Zire 71 are : 
 - be sure /dev/ttyUSB0 and /dev/ttyUSB1 exist (/dev/pilot is only a link 
to ttyUSB1)  (it's more complicated for devfs, I don't use it)
 - chmod a+rw /dev:ttyUSB*

 The kernel must support USB, and especially USB serial and the Visor 
module. The key is to tell usbserial which 

(provided usbcore, usb-ohci or usb-uhci are already loaded) : 
 insmod usbserial vendor=0x830 product=0x60
 insmod visor 

"tail /var/log/kern.log" tells if it was successfull (opens ttyUSB0 and 
1). Then I could launch (as a normal user) kpilot and make a backup. (But 
I don't think I will Kpilot...)

 I'll add the two modules in /etc/modules for the next reboot.

Christophe Courtois - Ostwald, Alsace, France
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