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RE: Exim virus scanner?

No wait, now I can see it :) hehe.

Thank you,
Louie Miranda (louie@axishift.ath.cx)

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Subject: Re: Exim virus scanner?


* Louie Miranda <louie@axishift.ath.cx> [030711 13:59]:
> Hello,
> Does anyone know an exim virus scanner for debian?

Yes, apt-cache does:

hastings@twofish ~ 17%  apt-cache search exim virus
amavis-ng - AMaViS "Next Generation"
amavisd-new - Interface between MTA and virus scanner/content filters
amavisd-new-milter - Interface between sendmail-milter and amavisd-new
blackhole-exim - Spam filter - exim version exiscan - an email virus
scanner for exim mailscanner - An email virus scanner and spam tagger.


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Linux twofish 2.4.21-looxt93c #1 Thu Jun 26 15:38:09 JST 2003

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