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Re: apt-get question

On Thu, Jul 10, 2003 at 12:20:37AM -0700, James LeClair wrote:
> Hello all. Could someone suggest, or better yet provide an example, a way 
> to edit a sources.list file so as to have the most up to date debian 
> desktop system possible. Suppose I could just install Knoppix but that 
> would be to easy. I have done some experimenting, but every time I appear 
> to have done the dist-upgrade successfully, KDE completely breaks down. 

Ah! You want to run unstable, right? KDE is broken there. However, visit
http://wiki.debian.net/index.cgi?DebianKDE to learn how to install it
(it's not difficult at all).

Remember, unstable means that some packages (or groups of packages) can
be broken.

HTH, David

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