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Re: apt-get question


* James LeClair <jamesl@eastlink.ca> [030710 12:53]:
> Hello all. Could someone suggest, or better yet provide an example, a way 
> to edit a sources.list file so as to have the most up to date debian 
> desktop system possible.

Well it depends on whether you are running stable, testing or unstable.

I don't use KDE so I don't know the specifics, but in general if you
run stable and want a newer version of something it is best to look
for a backport. Go to www.apt-get.org and do a search for KDE. Then
put the relevant source in your /etc/apt/sources.list. 

If you can't find a backport get the relevant source packages from
unstable and backport them yourself (have a look at the apt-howo).

Ah... you asked for a way to edit; um, perhaps a text editor!? eg
emacs, jed, zile, nano, vim, joe, vigor... the list is endless.

> Suppose I could just install Knoppix but that would be to easy. I
> have done some experimenting, but every time I appear to have done
> the dist-upgrade successfully, KDE completely breaks down.  Thanks in
> advance for any input.

I seriously doubt that installing Knoppix is a solution.


Debian testing/unstable
Linux twofish 2.4.21-looxt93c #1 Thu Jun 26 15:38:09 JST 2003

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