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Re: pdf creator

Besides the aforementioned ps2pdf and other tools, if you are coming from a 
windows environment, you can also use OpenOffice.org or StarOffice to do the 
same.  OpenOffice.org is a free download (and is available on cds cheaply 
from many places, check the site, and your country, school, or favorite linux 
magazine/book may also have it available on cd), check the site for the 
features.  StarOffice isn't free, but offers additional features built in. 
It's a Sun product.  The additional features (or most of them) can also be 
added to OpenOffice.org if you are resourceful, and if I'm not mistaken.

Even if you go the OpenOffice/StarOffice route, you'll soon learn to use 
ps2pdf at the command line. I'd suggest getting used to it, as it's available 
built in, and works without starting up OpenOffice.org (you may forget what 
you wanted to do by the time it finishes starting up).


On Tuesday 08 July 2003 20:30, LeVA wrote:
> Hello!
> Is it possible to create new, clean .pdf files under linux? If it is,
> then which program do I need to use?
> Thanks!
> Daniel
> --
> LeVA

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