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Re: Problems with GNOME2 and Mozilla in Sid

On Mon, 2003-07-07 at 03:03, Christopher L. Everett wrote:

>     * Minor Inconvenience: It takes 8 seconds from the time I click the
>     "Help" button in a GNOME2 configuration applet to the time I can
>     read the help.  This is on an Athlon 1400+,  not exactly a slow  PC.
unfortunately this is normal

> 2. In Mozilla 1.3.1:
>     * Important: I can't get the thing to open PDF's off the web.  So far
>     I've tried Adobe Acrobat5 as a plugin and as an external app via the
>     Helper Applications dialog, trying to get it to ask me what application
>     to use, and gpdf as a helper application.  In all cases, Mozilla says
>     that it's done downloading the file, and stops updating the application
>     window until I press the Back button.

This is an issue with gtk2 enabled mozilla.  There are bug reports on
this and hopefully mozilla 1.4 will have this solved.


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