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Re: New IDE drive dramatically slow system?

On Sun, 6 Jul 2003, Carl Fink wrote:

> I'm puzzled.  A few days ago I installed a new Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 40 GB
> hard drive on my system, replacing a fairly old 1 gig drive.  I installed it
> as slave to my existing 8 gig drive, which holds Debian.  I intended to use
> it for data (video files, etc.).  I created a swap partition (128 MB) and a
> 20 gig ext2 partition, leaving the rest of the drive unused for later.
> Since booting with this setup, my system has been dramatically *slower* than
> before, particularly when reading from and/or writing to the new drive. 
> Even things that I wouldn't expect to depend on drive speed, like redrawing
> of graphical elements in X, are something like four times slower than
> before.
> Does anyone have a suggestion on why this would happen?  Or where I can find
> more information?

you cannot mix different speed drives on the same ide cable ...
	- similarly, you cannot mix 2MB buffer disks with 8MB buffer disks
	( the hw doesnt know what to do )

put your 40GB on its own ide cable as Master.. make sure its 80-
conductor.. and that your bios supports it ( reports it as a 40GB drive )

leave the working prev 1GB drive alone.. on its own cable

and as posted earlier, make sure you have DMA enabled and -X at the right

c ya

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