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once again: font sizes

Hi folks,

I know this is a very-FAQ, but I still can't get it working.

Environment: Debian/Sid with gnome2. 14" TFT-Display at 1024x768 and
X set to 100dpi res.

Problem: font sizes in gtk1.2+ applications (sylpheed, openoffice, gimp)
are ridicously large (measured about 6mm)

Already tried: Forcing other display-dpi values, reordering of fontlist,
added to .Xdefaults:
*fontList: \
Made fontsize values smaller in /etc/gtk/gtkrc. Even changed system
locale to en_us, having no effect.

As gtk1.2 programs are the only ones effected, I assume it is not a
problem with the x-config. Non-gtk/kde programs work fine as well (xfig)

Would appreciate any help in form of advises, links, etc...


P.S: I'm sorry if You receive this message twice. I did a repost because
it did not appear on the ML after several hours

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