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Re: xterm configuration

On Fri, Jul 04, 2003 at 01:40:55AM +0100, Paladin wrote:
> How do I configure xterm/Eterm so that it uses a font that can
> display ncurses frames?

For xterm, use one of the fixed fonts.  They all have the line-drawing
characters.  If you're running xterm AA'd, you're SOL unless you're up to
building it yourself.  You have to have at least patchlevel 175 of xterm to
support line-drawing with AA'd fonts.  Not that xterm is hard to build
outside of XFree itself....

For Eterm, using the same fixed font would suffice.  I have no idea at all
if Eterm supports AA's fonts or what it does to simulate line-drawing with
them if it does.

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