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Re: Remove With Understanding Due Work, Power And Nature Of I Associative We

On Sun, 29 Jun 2003 09:40:14 +0200, cr wrote:
> ... and so it goes on, for about 70K  (well, that's what Kmail says) of 
> incomprehensible gobbledygook.
> OK, so it's spam.    What baffles me is how someone managed to produce such a 
> volume of verbiage that appears to have some vaguely grammatical structure 
> but is totally devoid of meaning.    If any human wrote it, the guy should be 
> in a rubber room.

OK, we shouldn't really be responding to spam, but...

It sounds like the poster (may he be shot at dawn and fired into the
sun) has discovered the swiss-army chainsaw of programming - perl :(

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