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Re: How to make the debian system shut down with power off?

On Wed, 2003-06-25 at 23:04, James Ng Yuen Sum wrote:
> I have installed the debian system several times. In the first time,
> after the installation, the computer can shut down automatically.(that
> means the computer can shut down with the power off automatically when
> you switch "shut down the computer" in the kdm.
> However, in the second time, the computer cannot do the same jobs, so I
> want to ask how to set the computer automatically shut down with power off
> I have asked the same questions in www.debianhelp.org, and a viewer said
> that it has to be done by configuring the modules, but he/she cannot
> remember how to set it.

Make sure the apmd package is installed.  I had this same issue on a
couple of desktops; apt-get apmd fixed it.

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