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Re: Debian Linux Version

anubhav dubey wrote:
> I wish to purchase your Debian Linux Version but i am not sure whether the 
> same will automatically detect my onboard sound and graphics card. I am new 
> to linux so i am not much aware of it.

As you may now be aware the Debian distribution is a free
distribution.  There is no purchase charge.  It may be downloaded
freely from many sites on the Internet.  It is also possible to
purchase CDs from CD vendors who will charge a fee for media and other

> I will purchase your debian linux version only when i am assured that the 
> same will automatically detect my graphic and sound drivers.

If you have the capability to create your own CDs from downloaded ISO
images then I recommend that you try KNOPPIX which is based upon
Debian and is also free.  KNOPPIX has a high level of hardware
autodetection for x86 hardware.  If you are new to GNU/Linux then
KNOPPIX is probably your best and easiest way to get going.  And since
it is based upon Debian you gain the advantages that Debian provides.



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