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Re: Tab-Completion in gnuplot

Joerg Johannes wrote:
> Last week I helped a friend out with some gnuplot graphs on his SuSE 
> machine. He asked me why I was typing in the whole filenames in gnuplot 
> instead of using auto-completion with the "Tab" key. I said, because 
> gnuplot does not support it. BUT -> On SuSE it does!Back home I tried 
> it on my sid box, and there is really no auto-completion. Does anybody 
> know how I can turn that on? What did SuSE do to gnuplot???

Quoting /usr/share/doc/gnuplot/README.Debian:


Yes, the built in readline of gnuplot is bad. However, libreadline
cannot be used instead because it is licensed under the GPL, whereas
gnuplot has special licenses (patches only). Linking those programs
together is forbidden by the GPL. Please don't file bugs telling me to
use libreadline in gnuplot...

see shy jo

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