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Re: Rack servers

On Thu, Jun 19, 2003 at 11:48:46AM -0400, Matthew Daubenspeck wrote:
> I am in the works of trying to plan for a handful of new servers, and
> have had enough with towers... Does anyone have any suggestions for rack
> (1 or 2 U) servers that I can install Debian on?

I like Sun Netra's.  They're SPARC based, which you may not be
interested in, but they're well supported.  They're available on Ebay
for pretty cheap.

I've also had luck with some 2U systems I bought from ASA Computers in
California.  www.asacomputers.com.  They'll even pre-install Debian for
you if you want.  Or FreeBSD or NetBSD or Redhat or whatever you want.
I believe they sell 1U systems as well.


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